Banking on God (God in the Finance Sector): October 19 Newsletter

Newsletter / Produced by The High Calling
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When we think of banks and Wall Street, perhaps we think of subprime loans, the 1%, and the Great Recession. We very seldom think of the kingdom of God. Yet there are people in the financial marketplace every day trying to figure out how they can do kingdom work. Some of them even chose finance over more “spiritual” callings.

From one man’s experience trying to serve God while remaining profitable, to seven Biblical ways to look at the finance world, to a reminder of what the 1% and the 99% share, this newsletter challenges us to see God at work in the financial sector. Read on.

Redeemed Finance

From the Theology of Work Project

What would it look like for finance to participate in God’s redemption of the world? Here are some examples. Read more

What I Wish I Had Said at the Occupy Wall Street Protest

From The High Calling

True life is not to be found in the accumulation of goods, but in using what we have for good. Read more

Faith and Profit Are Not Mutually Exclusive

From the Theology of Work Project

One man’s experience of trying to redeem the marketplace. Read more