Does Your Mom Work? May 9 Newsletter

Newsletter / Produced by The High Calling
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Jesus honored his mother. Let us never forget that, even as the “mommy wars” drag women into debates over various definitions of “work.” In Jesus’ reality as in ours, motherhood is complex. This week our writers remind us to honor the hard work of parenthood no matter what shape it takes.

We All Make Assumptions

From The High Calling

When people find out I’m a busy lawyer with three small children, they automatically assume that t I never see my kids. That I avoid laundry like the plague. But I’m just as ready to judge you. I’m prepared to do the very thing that I hate.

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What it Means to Mother

From The High Calling

Fresh out of nursing school with no children of our own, we learned that mothering meant showing up. Medically fragile children taught us that mothering meant remembering who needed their hair washed. It meant giving love and receiving nothing in return. Read more

Honor Your Father and Your Mother

From the Theology of Work Project

Raising children is a form of work. No workplace requires higher standards of trustworthiness, compassion, justice, and fairness.

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