Giving it All Away: November 8 Newsletter

Newsletter / Produced by The High Calling
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Many churches do a stewardship push this time of year, and you’re likely reaching for your wallet. But stewardship isn't just about money. God made us in his image and gave us charge over his creation. Real stewardship means faithfulness to God's intention in your workplace and in your daily life. This week, our writers explain how.

Carving Down, Carving Deep

From The High Calling

Do you find environmental stewardship exciting, or exhausting? Even when there are ebbs and flows of enthusiasm, the source of creation stays the same.

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Real, Basic Stewardship

From The High Calling

What is stewardship stripped down of campaign associations? It’s living our lives in faithfulness to our created purpose as human beings.

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Investing Our Resources

From the Theology of Work Project

All of creation is a gift, not only the paper in our wallets.

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