No Plan B

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When Jesus ascended to Heaven to return to His Father, the eleven disciples stood and watched Him rise through the clouds. An angel in the clouds nearby saw Jesus pass by and called out, “Jesus, where are you going?”

“Back to be with my Father in Heaven,” he said.

“I thought you were going to bring salvation to the whole world!” the angel protested.

Jesus said, “I have. The atonement is complete. My work on earth is finished.”

“But who is going to be your witness and go out into the world and spread the Good News and tell people you love them?”

“They are,” Jesus said motioning toward his disciples.

The angel looked down on the rag-tag group of disciples. “Do you have a plan B?”

In my life, God’s love has reflected onto me from a long line of rag-tag people. From family members to teachers . . . clergy to friends . . . associates to the unemployed . . . alcoholics to people in the pew, God has used imperfect people to inspire and teach me. None of them has yet to be canonized. Each one has had successes and failures, disappointments and tragedies, the living ingredients of life’s common crucible.

And yet a hallmark of this “cloud of witnesses” has been faithfulness in the push and pull of everyday life. They have “shown up” for the responsibilities immediately in front them at work, in family commitments, civic involvement, or church activities. And the dailyness of their faith influenced me.

My life’s life-giving models will never draw crowds to their speeches, or convince world leaders to make peace. They live filled with uncertainty and mundane responsibilities. Their lives’ worldly aspects keep them “from being so heavenly minded they are of no earthly good.” But, because their paths have crossed mine, I am blessed. Like them, I want to be a worthy rag-tag member of God’s life givers.

As it happens, there is no plan B.
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