With or Without

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To listen to the news, or read the newspapers and hear politicians talk and you would think we are a people who are without. I hear about how poorly the middle class is doing. I hear about how my home has declined in value. I hear about my 401K plummeting. But rarely do I hear about what I do have. Philip Faustin's Thoughts blog has a great post on Gratitude. He says, Gratitude gives us perspective. He looks back at his own life -- adopted at three months old and a mother who suffered with chronic illness for much of his youth and was in the hospital more times than he can count. She died when he was 16. Then he says, Depending on my perspective, I could have different feelings about my upbringing. I could feel shortchanged ... I could have been mad at God – what was He thinking? Philip goes on to recount all the things his mother's death actually taught cooking. Quoting Gary Thomas, he notes, Unless we learn to cultivate a thankful heart, we become stuck in bitterness. Click here to read more...

Post written by David Rupert.