Papyrus Poetry

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L.L. here, with a prompt for Random Acts of Poetry. Take us to an ancient place. Egypt, China, India, Rome, Greece. Research a little if you really want to transport your readers. For instance, at a recent Twitter Poetry Party, we went to Egypt, where we saw carnelian, lotus, Nefertiti, alabaster, canopic jars. It might help you to write from the perspective of a particular object or historical person. Or not. Play around, like we did... Excerpt of Once in Egypt, from the last poetry partry. (I believe this excerpt comes from a contribution by @mmerubies.) My father fell in love with Nefertiti when he was but a child, white boy in a country classroom, gazing at his fantasy, Nefertiti, his first vision of royal beauty. He never fell out of love; he never fell out of worship. Forty years or more past his first sighting of her, she still rested above his fireplace, until the new wife moved her. Drop your post link into my comment box by Thursday, May 20, for possible feature and definite links here at HCB. Grasses photo by Kelly Langner Sauer. Used with permission. Post by L.L. Barkat.