Parenting as Art Form

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I have always thought that parenting is an art form. There are no hard and fast rules. Something that is true in one situation might not be true in another. A reaction that is right for one of your children might not be right for the other ones. You have to feel your way through. This is not easily explained, but you can't go by the book. You can't paint by the numbers. And this art is painted on a canvas that is constantly changing. You have to know the child, know yourself, and be ready to change everything next year. Parenting...It's not for the weak-at-heart. So I always love it when I come across a parent is who is open-minded, listening, and ready to turn any event into a fun learning experience.

Watch Ann Voskamp turn a normal breakfast into an interesting interview, complete with a spoon for a microphone. Genius! “Come on, humor me, Caleb.” Caleb looks up from bowl of granola. I wink, hold my spoon out, pseudo-microphone. “We’re on the scene here this morning with Caleb Voskamp who, witnesses say, was seen helping his sister this morning, yet again. Tell us, Caleb. How did you feel when you voluntarily got up from the table and got a spreading knife for your distraught sister?” He flushes, shrugs shoulders sheepishly. No cameras run, just five sets of eyes burning into him. “Good.” Young men endeavor the cool cucumber demeanor when media swarm. He hunches over cereal, heaps another spoonful. “Excuse us from lingering, sir, but inquiring minds press the question,” Malakai’s grinning, eyes fixed on Caleb. I wave my microphone-utensil closer....READ MORE