Parenting is Hard Work

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Our society puts a lot of pressure on mothers. There are a lot of expectations. A mother should be selfless and tireless and a ferocious advocate for her children. I know many women who struggle with feelings of inadequancy as mothers. If their children are not perfectly fed and dressed and smiling, they worry that others will think they are bad mothers. That's why it is always refreshing to hear or read a mother who openly confesses that parenting is very draining. It's hard work. Denying this doesn't help anyone.

Being a parent is a holy calling, perhaps the holiest apart from marriage. And it is hard work. Tanya Dennis tells the straight truth in a recent post about clingy children. It's worth a read.

"When kids get sick, they get clingy. Cuddling is great, but I need it in moderation. I like my personal space.

As a mom, I don't get much. I've come to terms with the fact I'll never use the toilet alone and will seldom take a shower without playing Peek-a-boo at the same time. There will always be someone touching me while I eat (usually with her feet) and another someone trying to steal my bed at night. Even household chores are group projects. I understand this is just the way things are and I'm okay with that. But after days and nights of touching and hugging and clinging and crying and synchronized poop sessions, I need solitude".... Read More.

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