Parenting Moments

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My three children are now moving beyond childhood. My oldest is in college and the middle one in high school. I don't see much of them. Even the youngest one is in middle school and beginning to attach herself more and more to her peers. If I said I wasn't enjoying the time I have to myself I'd be lying. If I said I didn't miss the snuggles of a little girl in my lap I'd also be lying. Along our 20 years of active parenting, there are these moments. Moments of change. Moments of clarity. Moments when the change that has been happening slowly is suddenly apparent. Carl Holmes has had one of those moments with his child. And, miracle of miracles, he sees it for what it is right while it is happening. How do you know when you are on the right track as a parent? Do you ever really know? No, but then once in awhile you overhear your child, and all is well with the world. Tonight I heard my son tell my wife the following: “Mom, God and I were talking. I think God is telling me to fast. (insert wife dropped jaw here) I think I am going to fast Pizza.”...Read More.