Pastors in the Marketplace: The Benefits of Bi-Vocational Ministry

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The down economy has hit many sectors. One area often overlooked is small or new church pastors, who lead churches with struggling finances.

But, according to Ben Connelly, writing for Christianity Today Leadership Journal, a "second job is a blessing, for myself and my church."

"Pastors hesitantly turn to a second source of income for as little time as humanly possible," he writes. "But I'm here to tell you it's one of the best things I've ever experienced."

He admits that his church is financially healthy, and they could pay him a salary, but he’s still bi-vocational. And he "hopes that's always the case."

He has five perks he sees from keeping one foot in the marketplace, while still serving a church.

1. Stewarding God's money

By not having to pay him as much money, his church has poured more money into outreach. And it’s allowed Ben the freedom to do more things outside the church walls.

2. Making disciples

His job in the marketplace puts him in regular contact with non-Christians and opens up opportunities to share his faith.

3. Building credibility

By working outside the church, he’s able to share in the work world, relating to the employee experiences, which is where most people spend most of their time.

4. Equipping the saints

By not being paid full-time wages, other church members step up into their God-given roles.

5. Tearing down idols

When Ben was able to step away from the monetary incentive, he found that he was able to let God build up His church – His way.

“I work two jobs,” Ben writes. “And God’s bearing fruit in both.”

Ben Connelly is pastor of The City Church in Fort Worth, Texas and teaches public speaking at Texas Christian University. Read his full article at Leadership Journal.

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