Pray for More Workers

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He said to his disciples, "The harvest is great, but the workers are few. So pray to the Lord who is in charge of the harvest; ask him to send more workers into his fields."

Matthew 9:37-38

As Jesus looked upon the vast crowds that had followed him, he had compassion upon them and recognized how much they needed spiritual guidance (v. 36). He sensed an immense opportunity for reaping people for the kingdom of God: "The harvest is great" (v. 37). But the vast number of people ready to be "harvested" for the kingdom required a similarly large number of "harvesters." So he told his disciples to pray for "the Lord who is in charge of the harvest" to "send more workers into his fields" (v. 38).

Jesus was not thinking here only of people set aside for full-time, paid Christian service (pastors, missionaries, etc.). One can work in the harvest while earning money as a lawyer, teacher, manager, or administrative assistant. Harvesting includes sharing the good news of Christ with others, when appropriate. But it is far more than this alone. When we live out the values of God's kingdom at work, when we treat people with kindness and compassion, when we let the light of Jesus shine through us, then we are one of the "harvesters."

QUESTIONS FOR REFLECTION: How are you "harvesting" for God's kingdom? How do you seek to live out your faith at work? How might you be a "harvester" today?

PRAYER: Dear Lord Jesus, since you first looked upon the crowds who followed you with compassion, the Lord of the harvest has indeed sent more laborers into his fields, by the millions. And millions upon millions of people have been reaped for the kingdom.

Yet there is so much more to do. Today I pray for yet more laborers. Lord of the harvest, send more workers into your fields. Help the workers who are already there to realize their calling as a "harvester" of your kingdom. May your people see the ministry you have given them right where they work. Give your laborers wisdom, so that we might serve you well, reaping a rich harvest for your kingdom. Amen.

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