Preventing a Zombie Outbreak in your Organization

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Though I'm not a fan of zombie shows or books, it's impossible to ignore our culture's current fascination with the topic. In an article on Catalyst's website, Jason Brooks wonders if the zombie obsession is related to our collective dissatisfaction at work. He then gives several ways to combat weariness, gossip and negativity within organizations.

"Depending on mythology, zombies are best dispatched with guns, swords, baseball bats, or any old household object that can be wielded with adrenaline-fueled force. It's a matter of personal preference and/or situational awareness," Brooks says. "The same is true in the workplace; the best weapons are environment and communication. If you have a healthy space in which to work, and a healthy process of sharing information and expectations, chances are you can stop the infection of dissatisfaction before it can spread."

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