Quit Thinking and Just Do It

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Sometimes, you just have to quit thinking and start doing.

At least, that’s the argument that Mike St. Pierre gives when confronted with over planning: “Don’t think unless you have to.”

There’s some wisdom in this for us in the workplace.

I tend to over think—and then get bogged down in the mess of it all. There's a certain ability God puts in us to make decisions, to analyze and review all the data and make a snap judgment. Often, it is not foolish, but the ultimate in wisdom to decide with our guts like this.

Mike was a Little League pitcher and was so wrapped up in mechanics, motion, and timing that he lost his little mojo. He was frozen by the process. Finally, his coach encouraged him. “Don’t aim the ball,” he said. “Don’t think. Just go out there and have a catch.”

It worked for little Mike. And it might work for you.

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