Rebekah Becomes Isaac’s Wife

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So they called Rebekah. "Are you willing to go with this man?" they asked her. And she replied, "Yes, I will go."

Genesis 24:58

Genesis 24 tells the story of how Rebekah became Isaac's wife. As was common in her culture, she was committed to Isaac by the men in her family. Yet when her family wanted her to remain with them a bit longer, rather than traveling to Canaan to marry Isaac right away, they allowed her to decide the timing of the journey. Surprisingly, given her family's desires, Rebekah chose to leave right away.

We know very little about Rebekah at this point of the story, other than her family connections, her beauty, and her hospitality. But her choice to leave immediately reveals a certain boldness, a willingness to step out with risky faith, trusting in a God she knew very little about.

QUESTIONS FOR REFLECTION: How willing are you to follow wherever God leads you? Have there been times in your life when you have stepped out in risky faith? Is God calling you to do something bold for him today?

PRAYER: Dear Lord, as I read this story of Rebekah, I'm impressed by her willingness to leave her family and go to a far away land, even with so little experience of you and your ways. I contrast this with my own reticence at times. How easy it is for me to talk myself out of following you, especially when it seems risky, or when I might look foolish. Help me, gracious God, to be as bold as Rebekah when you call me. Help me to trust you more, even today. Amen.