Redefining Work

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We tend to define it by a traditional 40-hour week, a hierarchical structure, and in spatial terms. We look at the four walls of an office or the warehouse or a delivery route, and that’s what we call “the workplace.”

But Heather Holleman at Live With Flair has another approach. She expands the workplace to just about anything that isn’t play. She quotes a sermon from NYC Redeemer Presbyterian Church Pastor, Tim Keller, who says, “Work is rearranging the raw material of a particular domain for the flourishing of everyone."

Heather examines her own life. Doing dishes, teaching, going to the gym, even praying, these are the raw materials she is using to build a life. In the same way, a carpenter takes raw wood and builds a home.

Take a look around. An IT professional takes data and sorts it. A mother pulls the laundry from the dryer. It’s work, and it helps our world.

Read the full blog entry at Heather's site, Live With Flair.