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My wife was rather shocked once when an employee she had fired used her as a reference for his next job. She got a call from the prospective employer and was quite embarrassed to have to say that she wouldn't recommend hiring the man. We wondered what he thought she was going to say when he put her on his list of references. When you leave your job, what will people say about you? Will you feel comfortable asking your former employer for a reference? You will leave an impression, of course. Will it be one you are proud of?

Red Letter Believers is a High Calling blog that often calls us to responsibility. Recently they posted a piece about the references you'll put on your next resume. Most job applications ask for references. It's standard practice to list previous supervisors, coworkers or other people that can attest to your character. There are some funny stories out there about "unique" references. One reference turned out to be the candidate's mother-in-law. When asked about his employability, she said, "I wouldn't hire him to do anything!"...Read More