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Reflection. It’s good to be honest and look in the mirror and see who we are. But far too many times I don’t look on the mirror, because it shows who I really am. It shows the anger. It shows the worry. It shows the two-faced man. The "If God is for Me" blog has a post on "Reflections." And man, is it honest. Becki, who is also a pretty good photographer, looks back at her life and zooms in full resolution.
“I kept everyone and everything at least two arms length away,” she writes. “The wall around my heart was so huge I could not see over the top.... I see a hard, black heart being busted into a billion little pieces and what is left showing is soft and full of joy. I see gritting teeth turned to a relaxed jaw. I see God's hand on my head as I sit on my knees and surrender.”
Read the full story here. Recommended by David Rupert of Red Letter Believers
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