Robo Christians

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Amy who pens the insightful, “Walking in the Spirit” blog, has an interesting post on the expected behaviour of Christians. She contends that standing out in a crowd of sinners isn’t necessarily a good thing. She writes, “…admit it or not, we Christians like the static approach to our faith. We want uniformity.” At first, this insulted me. I actually like “different.” I desperately want to break out and do my own thing. But when it comes to others, I have an assembly line. I look for others to exercise their faith just like me. These Robo Christians should look, act and perform in a certain way – just like they are programmed. Amy says, “We want a faith where we can be confident that we all fit into the same hole.” Of course, this isn’t reality. People fail us. They fall. They are broken. They disappoint. And as a fellow brother, what will I do? How will I act? Robo Christians are programmed. But real Christians have feelings and needs and I can rush to their side, gently restore them, and guide them back on to the road to faith. Read the rest of the blog here. Don’t forget to comment here and on her blog. Recommended by David Rupert of Red Letter Believers blog.
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