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Loop to loop feature

We're trying a new format for the gallery this month, which requires less technical work on the back end to publish. We hope you like it.

For PhotoPlay and Random Acts of Poetry, we asked you to think about rust and how it alters an object. The act of of taking photos and of writing poetry can have a similar effect, altering both the creator and the viewer. Enjoy the submissions!

Patricia Hunter took the featured photo above, called "Loop to Loop." Rosanne Osborne follows with this reminiscent poem:


"You need a new wheelbarrow," my neighbor remarks
watching me trundle my shallow, rusting
cart to the curb, orphaned limbs and sticks
protruding like morning hair fresh
from an unmade bed. "I've a better one
that a friend brought for our yard sale."
I'm not impressed. He doesn't know that when
I lift the handles, the weight shifts
from my hands to those of my father sleeping
beneath the debris of a Missouri winter.
He doesn't know that this handcart
carries the fragments of my mind, the tributes
housed in the rubbish of winters turned
to spring, similes and metaphors waiting
the right poem, fractured lines
of hyperbole and hope, alliterative alleys
of childhood discards. How could he see
beyond rust, the sonnet reclaimed?


The links and gallery images below contain all of the submissions. Enjoy!

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PhotoPlay participants

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Image by Patricia Hunter. Used with permission. Sourced via Flickr. Post by Claire Burge. Random Acts of Poetry sponsored by Tweetspeak.