Sabbath Rest

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Red Letter Believers has a collection of High Calling blog posts about Sabbath. This is worth a read. Sabbath is so counter-cultural that the Church in America ignores it even though it is one of the Ten Commandments. Imagine if we ignored the commandment against, say, adultery. We've had more than 50 different reactions on Sabbath rest over the last two weeks. The collected works all agree -- setting aside time in obedience to God can change your life. Conversations in Faith has a wonderful post chronicling her life of hard effort through school and work. We all instinctively know that sloth gets us nowhere. But now, after a period of forced Sabbath (a common theme, it seems,) Nancy learned to appreciate the rest – “I could embrace it. I could cherish it.” We were unaware that a blog had already dedicated itself to the rest. Fellow High Calling Blogger Sabbath Says has a number of intriguing posts. We were especially drawn to the Rules and Exceptions post for Megan’s Sabbath observation. “Thou shalt not exercise (unless thou needs a good run to clear thy head) and “Thou Shalt not go out to eat (unless thy grandmother is paying)” crackle with irony....Click here to read the entire post and see links to the sources.