Santa as God 1.0

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It is the truth that many children gain their first sense of a higher being through Santa Claus. Sure they had Bible stories at church, but Santa brings a real emotional punch to the whole thing. And more than one person has counted the day they stopped believing in Santa as the day they first had doubts about God. No doubt about it. Santa Claus and how we choose to deal with his myth is an important part of being an American Christian parent. Billy Coffee has, I think, taken a somewhat unique approach. Unique and definitely hilarious. You do NOT want to miss this story. Trust me! Jesus and Santa get along well in our home. There is no conflict between them, and there need never be. I consider Santa to be God 1.0. It’s hard to explain God’s omniscience to a child. Easier to tell him or her that He, too, sees you when you’re sleeping and knows when you’re awake. And God’s omnipotence? Well, He knows if you’ve been bad or good, even in what you’re thinking. You get the idea. So the fact that my kids believe in Santa? A good thing. However. At about the age of six, the rumors begin to be whispered and passed. Santa isn’t real. It’s all a fake. There’s no magic. No sleigh. No nothing. The rumors started early for my daughter: last year. Five years old and a full Santa believer, she came to me one night with news that a classmate had told her there was no Santa. Blasphemy, said my daughter. But in crept the doubts....Read More.