Searching for Grace

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Snowflake One of the ways we come together as a community is by telling our stories. When we tell them in unison, using similar words, our story telling begins to look something like liturgy. Here at High Calling Blogs, we’ve been stirring the community in this direction with regular features like Random Acts of Poetry. But writing-projects in general also have the potential to weave us together. Right now, L.L. Barkat is running a writing project that invites us to share our searches for grace. It was inspired by Laura Boggess’ Stone Crossings book giveaway preview post. (If you’re looking for a chance to win a free book, you can check that out too.) Here’s the project L.L. is offering… If you’d like to share a story of grace, try the poem prompt... "I went searching for grace..." You can use this line anywhere in your poem. Attempt to set your search in a concrete place... your street, in someone's arms, on a particular riverbank, in a field, whatever. See if you can give us the sights, sounds, smells, textures or tastes of the place and of your search for grace. If you’d prefer to do a vignette (200 words-ish or less), that’s fine too. Please post your offering on your blog by Thursday, MARCH 5 (alert L.L. through her blog or through the contact form here at HCB) if you want to be considered for a possible feature in Random Acts of Poetry and definite links at HCB. Can’t wait to hear about your searches for grace. Snowflake photo by Rebekah Wagner. Used with permission.