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Seedlings in Stone - Memoirs of an urban author. LL Barkat.

LL Barkat of Seedlings in Stone muses on the bloggers drive and desire for traffic. People tell her "you need traffic to your blog." She thinks about this, and comes to another - better - conclusion. All over the blogosphere, well-meaning bloggers tell me how to increase my blog traffic. Sometimes I get sucked in. I spend two hours (when she promised it would be less than one) to add "Most Popular Posts" to my sidebar. Apparently, this "simple" exercise increased her traffic. But me? It simply ate two hours of my precious time. Other times, I remember who I am. A writer first, a blogger second (or maybe tenth). I'm not about traffic; I'm about words... finding them, tackling them, molding them, sharing them... Click here to read more.