Seeing Snow Through Dirty Windows

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It was the first snow of the season at Tanya Dennis' house. Her kids were thrilled, as you might expect, but all she could see was the dirty windows through which they were looking. Tanya considers what this might say about her perspective on life. Today was the first snow of the season! Okay, we had some flurries last week, but they hardly count. They lasted only a few minutes and the kids didn't get to see them. But this morning we had big ol' flakes and they came down for a couple hours. It's too warm to stick, but we were still excited. What was the first thing we did? Cleaned the windows. I handed Isabel and Zach a couple Windex cloths and they tackled those fingerprint smudges and sloppy window kisses. What a difference clean glass makes!...Click here to read more.

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