In the Shadow of the Man

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Drew Hill is a new blogger to our network. He has an easygoing and honest writing voice. Recently he told us the story of how his first son was born the same year his father died. 19 years later, he still lives, joyfully, in the shadow of his father.

Nineteen years ago my world changed. Nineteen years ago my son was born, my father died. "Goodbye, Dad." "Well, hello, Little Guy." Nineteen Father's Days have come and gone since I stopped reaching up and started reaching down, and nothing matters more to me than being a dad, being there for our three children. I went by the cemetery in Kansas City the other day. I hadn't been there for quite awhile. The big tree near Dad's grave has been removed. It took me a minute to find it. It's been a long time since we laid his body down to rest there. Lots of summers and winters have warmed and chilled that spot.... Read More

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