Something to Love About Your Job

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I will admit that there must be jobs out there that have absolutely nothing to love about them. I'm sure that is true. But probably not true for most of us. For most of us, our jobs contain some advantages, some things we enjoy about them. And sometimes it's worth thinking about those things. When I was in seminary I worked in a little photo developing booth. Low pay, boring hours, not really contributing much to the world. But they provided insurance for part-time employees, and I got to study while I waited for customers. I loved that job. High Calling Blogger J. Schaap is a teacher. Has been for years. Apparently (and I've always suspected as much) summers are glorious. He's in the middle of his summer now, and he is singing the song of himself and the warm days of July. I love hearing people who love what they do. You'll enjoy reading about his summer. ..........................Real Live Preacher

For most of my life, I've been mocked unmercifully for summer vacations, but then I live among Calvinists, most of whom believe that work--getting-one's-hands-dirty work--is the only true measure of saving grace. To have three or four months off every year, as teachers do, seems to most of them to be a sin. The fact is, the truly righteous are damnably guilty of one of the seven deadlies--envy. But then, because they work all summer, most of them believe the sweat of their brows simply places them beyond transgression. Read More