Something Out of Nothing: The Salvage Life

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Beth Giles went to Uganda with money she raised from selling her stuff. Her short trip was meant to raise Ugandan's dignity and human worth by helping them have an outlet for their handmade jewelry, clothing, and pottery. Beth's ministry, called “Salvage Life,” is profiled at the Comment blog where she explains the meaning behind the name.

“I live the Salvage Life, by attempting to use as many old things as possible to fulfill new purposes,” she is quoted as saying. “Secondly, I salvage the Life left in an an item and allow it to live again.”

This redemption of old things has sparked renewal in the lives of those she is trying to serve. Beth’s business is an example of how a Christian “can engage in the market economy with a creative vision.” Read the whole story here.

Image by Greg Fallis. Used with permission. Sourced via Flickr.

Post by Newsletter Editor David Rupert