Stories That Never Get Told

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Stories that never get told - it makes you think of a forlorn and lonely little book, left on a dusty bookshelf. But I'm not talking about stories that don't get read or published. I'm talking about stories that do not get told. Most stories are never told. Most human lives are never chronicled. That's the way of things. There were not enough books in the world to tell all the stories of Jesus, so John tells us. And that was just one life. J. Schaap writes about one such story. No one knows all the facts. Even he only knows a little bit. But you can clearly tell that this is a story that would have been an inspiration. Perhaps these stories exist only for the pleasure of God.

Here's what little I've discovered. She was born and reared in Minnesota, probably a Lutheran, Norwegian, I believe, by ethnic heritage. A strong Christian woman, she went to Biola College sometime in the Thirties, I believe. There, she married a man named Lauber and headed out to New Mexico to do mission work at a presbyterian mission on the Navajo Reservation. There, somehow, she lost three children, two of them--twins--in childbirth. She also lost her husband. She then returned to Biola and somehow determined to return, almost as if undeterred, to the Navajo mission field. With a homemade camper, she headed back to the reservation, set up camp on the far eastern edge of Arizona, and held forth, feeding the multitudes on Sunday. Normally, she got men to hold forth, but during the week she did all the evangelizing....Read More