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Al Hsu writes about life, Christianity, suburbia, and living Christianly in the suburbs.

Life in the United States is rapidly changing. We all know that. We feel it every day. It is a challenge to understand how to live a Christian life in a world that changes so rapidly that one generation has a hard time understanding their parents' perspective, let alone the perspective of their grandparents. Al Hsu has been reading a book called "Microtrends." He brings some rather surprising statistics to our attention in his latest two blog entries.

More Americans went bankrupt in 2005 than graduated from college. Bankruptcies have more than quintupled in the last two decades. - Women are now the majority of college students, law school students, voters and car buyers. - While people often assume that Latinos are Catholics, nearly a quarter of American Latinos identify themselves as Protestant. That's about 10 million Protestant Latinos - more than the total number of Jews, Muslims, Episcopalians or Presbyterians....

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