Suggestions for Effective Journaling

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In journaling, maintain the perspective that its value is in the process, not the end product. We journal out of faith. We trust that there will be valuable discoveries along the way, most of them in hindsight.

Maintain a prayerful demeanor during the journaling process. Invite the Holy Spirit to stimulate you in ways that will free you to journal with freedom. As you journal, maintain an attitude of playful seriousness. Journaling is an opportunity to respect the memories, thoughts, feelings, and holy imagination that come together in the journaling process. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Playfulness integrated with seriousness makes for potent creativity.

Plunge into the process. Write, write, write with freedom. Keep from editing as you write. Let the words flow. Minor editing to make things clearer comes when you’ve finished writing. Remember, this is for you alone.

As you review your journaling from time to time, you will then see a number of surprising treasures emerging. These treasures become faithful signposts, compasses, and energy for self-awareness, self-acceptance, and living effectively into the future.