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Who doesn't like Superman? Who hasn't wanted to be Superman or some kind of superhero? High Calling blogger Bill Coffey tells the story of his son's obsession with being Superman and muses about what will happen when he realizes one day that he isn't a superhero. My son is in his Superman stage. A vital phase of a boy's life, in my opinion. He has the cape and the pants and, according to him, the X-ray vision. "You'd better be good," he told me, "or I'll get you." Point taken. Nowadays, I'm on my best behavior around the house. He also has the T-shirt. The cheapie kind, bought on sale. Hold it up to the light and you can see right through it. Which may or may not be where he gets the whole X-ray vision thing from. But it has the "S" on the front, and that's all he needs. And the fact that the shirt is so flimsy actually comes in handy. He can wear it under most anything. And he does. Under pajamas and church clothes and sweaters and even other T-shirts. There. Ready at a moment's call....Read More