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It's a classic scene: The 7 Dwarfs going off to work in the morning, singing a happy song. "Hi ho, hi ho, It's off to work we go!" Yeah, right. When was the last time you sang a song like that on Monday morning? Most of us hate Mondays. Tuesday is the day with no feeling, because it's so nice Monday is over that you feel numb. Wednesday is "Hump Day," which is no fun but at least you're halfway home. I've always loved Thursdays. They seem light-hearted. Not all the pressure of Friday, but at least you know the weekend is coming. And then blessed Friday. TGIF! But seriously, is this the way you want to think about your week?

Jim Lang thinks there is a better way. A great friend of mine owns a business in my community. He told me that for about ten straight weeks he would wear all black on Fridays. At about week seven, one of his employees noticed and said, "Bob, why are you always wearing black on Fridays?" Bob responded by saying, "Because I am sad that this week is coming to an end and I will have to wait until Monday to see all of you again." Kind of different, huh? And, very cool! It seems in the workplace that everyone can't wait for Friday. In fact, I have seen studies which show that the highest incidence of suicide is on Sunday nights because people generally dread Mondays. Sad. ...READ MORE.