There Are Better Things Than Being Useful

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I know a girl who re-uses her zip lock bags. She even has a little baggy drying rack. She saves scraps of tin foil to re-use and never throws away wrapping paper. Unlike me she never has to buy those disposable plastic containers for leftovers but simply washes and saves all the ones that food already comes in (like yogurt or sour cream). I admire this. Even if I like to be able to see my left-overs and like a fresh baggie for my sandwich. I mean not only is it better for the environment but it is frugal. And God calls us to be good stewards of our finances as well as this beautiful Earth. I could take a few lessons from this girl. But. Sometimes we overdo it. This whole value on “usefulness” and frugality and being practical. Jesus lived simply. Most of the time. But I’m not sure that I’d call him practical. He had the reputation of being a drunkard. A glutton. A friend of tax-collectors. Prostitutes. And sinners. (based on Luke 7:34-35). Now I don’t think there is any biblical support of Jesus really being a drunkard or a glutton (I mean come on he fasted for 40 days); these were probably comments from Pharisees trying to point fingers … but you don’t exactly get that reputation by saving your tin foil. You get it by breaking rules and doing unexpected things.

Read the rest of Michelle's post at idontbelieveingrammar. Photo by Claire Burge. Used with permission. Post shared by Ann Kroeker.

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