Thoughts on Unbelief

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It is very popular in our day to ask this question: "Do you believe in God?" There have been hundreds of polls about whether or not Americans believe in God. Unfortunately, none of these polls help us understand what it means to believe and what it means to say "God." By and large, these polls are meaningless.

The most important question is not whether or not you believe in God. The most important question is, "Who are you serving?" For if you serve no one but yourself and your culture, whatever claims you make about God mean nothing. And if you are serving the Lord with all of your heart, even your doubts will be forgiven you.

Red Letter Believers take a hard and searching look at their own hearts in their latest piece on belief and unbelief.

"It's easy to point out the sadness of the intolerant and pompous pronouncements of modern-day atheists like Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins, and Sam Harris. How do they shake the haunting emptiness in their soul? What do they fill it with? Learning? Materialism? Humanism? Hedonism? Selfishness?

When they look at the stars at night, do they ever wonder "what is at the edge of space?" When they contemplate the bookends of our existence, do they ever think "when did time begin? And when will it end?" Do they ever wonder, "Who am I?"

But, admittedly, my own world is filled with documented moments of doubt."...Click here to read more.

Red Letter Believers - Red Letter Believers don't just wear a title. They seek to live out their faith -- impacting their jobs, their homes, their communities, and their nation.