Too Busy for the Feast?

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But the guests he had invited ignored them and went their own way, one to his farm, another to his business.

Matthew 22:5

In the context of Jesus' ministry, this parable indicts many of the Jews in the time of Jesus for failing to enter the kingdom of God, even though they had been invited. They were, after all, God's chosen people. Yet, when the Messiah came to inaugurate the kingdom, they did not receive him (John 1:10).

As I read this parable, I am struck by the things in the story that kept people from coming to the wedding feast. One man went to his farm, another to his business (v. 5). In general, it wasn't wrong for these men to go to work. After all, God created human beings as his co-workers in the world (Gen. 2). Work is essential to our life's purpose. Yet some of us, and I number myself in this group, can be so focused on work that we miss the Lord's feast. We labor and toil and miss the party, the joy of being with the Lord and his people. We can become so possessed by our work that we fail to rest.

Our work matters. Indeed, it is part of our high calling as servants of Christ. But work isn't everything. God also calls us to rest, to celebrate, to enjoy the goodness of creation. May we never be too busy for his feast.

QUESTIONS FOR REFLECTION: Do you ever get so involved with your work that you fail to rest? Have you ever had so much to do that you didn't have time for God? for gathering weekly with God's people? for enjoying God's good gifts in this life?

PRAYER: Dear Lord, by your grace, I have received your invitation to enter the kingdom. And, by your mercy, I have accepted this invitation. Thank you.

But, I must confess that there are times when, in a sense, I am too busy for your feast. I can get so wrapped up in my work, yes, even in my service to you, that I fail to have time for you and your people. I do the work of this life without stopping to enjoy the gifts of this life. I obey your call to work six days each week, but neglect the call to rest for one day. Forgive me, Lord.

May I never be too busy for you! Help me to heed your invitations to spend time with you, to enjoy fellowship with you and your people. Teach me to stop, yes, to rest, so that I might always have time for you, even as you have time for me. Amen.