Top Ten Ways to Laugh at Work

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I have had my share of insanely-awful Tuesdays. My mornings usually consisted of lukewarm coffee, screaming children, re-heated muffins, and boring NPR stories. I was stuck in traffic, with bad hair and pants that are an inch too short, and when I got to work I noticed half-done reports and a computer keyboard covered in the crumbs of yesterday’s Subway sandwich.

Is that really the day care calling to say my kid as a fever? Do I honestly have a meeting in ten minutes? It’s only Tuesday for crying out loud.

But sometimes the negative can be turned into the positive. It’s a byproduct of being a writer, I suppose, where I look at life as one huge collection of stories. But I’ve had to ask myself – was I good about finding the humor at work all those years?

Here are the Top Ten Things that I learned after so many years that helped me start to enjoy work again. To bring humor back into my working life. To learn to really live a little:

(1) Don’t take things so darn seriously.

(2) Get out of the office for lunch.

(3) Think of your commute as a very special time

(4) Be the bearer of silly little gifts.

(5) At every opportunity, send out poems

(6) Be a gossip killer.

(7) Send notes of praise and thanks all the time, to anyone you can think of.

(8) Smile.

(9) Find your own space.

(10) And finally, admit when you are wrong.

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