Transforming the Way Christians Use Technology

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Marcus here. I read an interesting statistic a few months ago that has changed the way I think about my work online. A Pew report about Networked Families concluded that "Technology now permeates American households and has become a central feature of families’ day-to-day lives." Think about that for a minute. Technology is something we take for granted. Cell phones and broadband internet access have become part of the daily lives of regular families in America. At and, our mission is to help people encounter God for the transformation of daily life, work, and our world.

Personal transformation in the 21st century includes the way we interact with new media tools like online publications, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, search engines, podcasts, smart phones, even augmented reality. Last year the Christian Web Conference (in its previous incarnation as GodblogCon) produced a book called The New Media Frontier. In that book, Roger Overton said, “We cannot stand aside to wait and see what happens. If Christians are not on the forefront of this new technology to advance God’s Kingdom, some other kingdom will be advanced through it. We must go forward thoughtfully…” In fact, our culture is struggling to find healthy ways to use these new technologies. It is not uncommon to hear about people “addicted” to email, Facebook, Twitter, Second Life, blogging, gaming, or online pornography. People need to experience renewal in the way they interact with new media.

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