Treasures in Heaven

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"Store your treasures in heaven, where moths and rust cannot destroy, and thieves do not break in and steal."

Matthew 6:20

These words of Jesus are as relevant to us as they were to his first audience. But if he were speaking today, he might not refer to moths, rust, and thieves. Perhaps he would say something like: "Store your treasures in heaven, where inflation won't eat away at their value, where corporations won't defraud you, and where you won't lose your job in company downsizing." No matter when or where we live, the basic truth stays the same: Earthly treasures are, at best, temporary. They won't last forever.

So, then, how are we to store up treasures in heaven? How can we do what Jesus commends in this passage? Whenever we do that which honors God, we are adding to our heavenly treasures. This could be teaching Sunday School or going on a mission trip. But it could also be treating our colleagues at work with kindness, forgiving our boss when she speaks rudely to us, or seeking to pay our employees fairly. When we live out our faith in the world, we receive the reward of God's good pleasure, even as we look forward to heavenly treasures yet to come.

QUESTIONS FOR REFLECTION: How are you storing up treasures in heaven? Where do you find it challenging to live for God in your workplace?

PRAYER: Gracious Lord, you know how easy it is for me to store up earthly treasures. It's one thing to enjoy the good gifts of your creation, and quite another to value them as if they were what matters most in life. I must confess that I sometimes love my earthly treasures more than my heavenly ones. Forgive me, Lord.

Help me to live for you each moment of each day, not only in the "religious" part of life, but in every part. In fact, help me to live out the truth that you care about everything in life, not just the parts we consider to be spiritual.

So, whether I'm contributing to a meeting at work, or helping my daughter with her science project, or mowing the lawn, may I do all things for your pleasure. Amen.