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The following is from Marcus Goodyear's post on High Calling Blogger Christine's recent review of the Princeton Project on Fragility. Marcus writes,
Off-handedly, I asked one our new authors at if she was a blogger. She came back with a URL that actually links to my own blog. (How embarassing!) But what a gold mine. What a symphony. What a feast. That last image is what came to mind when, lo and behold, I found this philosophical post that reads like a five course meal: The Fragility of Truth and Other Inescapable Facts « Exploring Intersections. In the post, Christine sums up a Princeton lecture she heard with the eloquence and thoroughness of a professional journalist. Even quoting the presenter Sarah Jones Nelson when she made wonderful comments like this: You needn’t believe in God to act with moral integrity. Nor does belief in the existence of God make you an imbecile incapable of rational thought simply because the proofs are inconclusive in the minds of others. I love that quote because it is honest...