Try It the New Way

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Will Durant said that 95% of all new ideas will not accomplish things better or more efficiently than the old, tried-and-true ways. And yet, Durant says, we have to try the new ways to find those rare moments of genius where we discover better ways to do things. The question for me has always been, how will we get along in this strange process? The young always want to do things their way. They resent the older people's closed minds. And the old people resent the young not appreciating their experience and wisdom. It is a beautiful thing when young people are not so quick to dismiss old ways, and old people are open enough to try things in new ways.

Professor J. Schaap has noticed that the classic lecture style of learning is going out of style. And while he was serious doubts about this, he is willing to try things a new way. I was born and reared on the lecture, I was once good at the lecture, and I'll probably die a lecturer, even though the lecture itself is dead in the water. The fact of the matter is, college students today--at least mine--want to do it themselves. Don't talk at me, don't ask me to take notes, don't demonstrate that you're the one with the education and experience--all you've got to do is administrate, set up activities we'll do, and then sit back and sip that Diet Coke. They are experiential learners. They learn best when they do it themselves, which makes sense. ...READ MORE