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Ann Voskamp couldn't miss the Kingdom in her daily work if she tried. That's what happens when you see life in a certain way. Interior designers can't enter a room without observing the color scheme and furniture placement. Psychologists can't have a conversation without mentally assessing and diagnosing. Dietitians can't see food without determining its value. Ann is no different. She sees the imprint of God in every experience, even in the work of dusting. Read this beautiful Ash Wednesday post to see what I mean. Wednesday with mops, we scrub down the week weary and dusty from days. “Look at mine!” Tall Girl holds up her cleaning rag, trophy of due diligence. She’s got grime lines on cotton. “See mine? I got more.” Little Girl’s kneeling on floor next to sister, dangling her cloth, jubilant proof. Knowing your work really betters the world gratifies and I laugh delight, join her elation.... Read more. Editor's Note: Marcus here. Special thanks to Sam Van Eman for the great work he's done with these features recently. Also, I wanted everyone to know, we're testing Zemanta here on the main blog with this post. It seems to be working fantastically. I'd highly recommend you install it on your own blog for grabbing quick images, links, key words and related articles. L. L. Barkat has a good post about using Zemanta as well. Speaking of related articles, here are three. One handpicked from the network. Two suggested by Zemanta.
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