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Hiding The Life on Purpose blog asks the question, “why don’t you talk about your faith at work?” In my personal experience, as well as interviewing hundreds of people of faith, I have found several possible reasons: • Other so-called Christians have ruined it for us with their poor workplace ethic or hollow "God-Talk" • Our own faith is weak and we let expletives fly or we talk poorly about customers, coworkers or managers. • We simply don’t have the knowledge to share with confidence. Michele, the author of the post, talks about when she “came out” and told others about her faith at work. “Many of my coworkers were shocked I was a Christian,” she recalls. And then she wonders about the reason for that shock. Was it her behavior or perhaps a misconception about the intelligence of people of faith. For modern workplace Christians, the vast majority continue to keep their faith undercover. How can we enpower ourselves and millions of others, to live out their faith at home, at church, and at the workplace? Read the whole post here. Alhambra Fortress Window photo by L.L. Barkat. Post written by David Rupert.
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