VIDEO: How Do You Instill Character into Kids?

Video / Produced by The High Calling
Nancy norris article

Nancy Norris, wife, mother and community volunteer, talks with us about the high calling of raising kids who have strong character. Nancy's responses are a good reminder that all work can be a high calling, whether that work pays well or not at all. Her reflection about meaning and purpose is part of our new video series "60 Seconds to Signficance."

Watch the short video, and let us know in the comments:

What experiences in your life helped you develop strong character? If you have children, how are you working to develop strong character in them?


Instilling character is just a daily thing and I think it’s more about journey as parents and who we are because you have to become who you really want your kids to be. So it’s really a lot about spilling out your life into theirs.

I think to be authentic with them and to be willing to apologize and say you were wrong. And model like whatever it is. The work ethic that my husband has and generosity is important to us. Hospitality. So they get to see what we love and what we do and what we are gifted at. And hopefully that translates into their own lives.