“Are We More Than a Job Title?” - Sonny Melendrez

Video / Produced by The High Calling

Transcript: We live in a society that tends to put us on different levels . . . just because you have this job title, just because you live in this house, just because you drive this car, you've had this much of success . . . you're here and other people are down here. And, that's really not the criteria at all.

Really what matters is what are you doing to use your gift to give back and that's really what our job is. Our job is to first find our gift and you find that hopefully at an early age. Hopefully, somebody inspires you. You saw something that got you to that passion. Then, when you use that gift to give back, without asking or needing anything in return, that's when you've really arrived. I think that's what's important and that's what makes you who you are, rather than what your title is.

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