“Does My Career Matter to God?” - Andy Crouch

Video / Produced by The High Calling

Andy sums up a lot of what we're about here at The High Calling when he says, "For Christians, everything matters." Four words that can, and should, change everything about the way we live our lives. The conversations we want to facilitate here center around how we can live a faith that integrates every part of our daily experiences in a way that glorifies God and serves others—particularly in a world that seems to want to pull us in every direction at once.

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TRANSCRIPT: For Christians, everything matters, because we believe that God is at work in our world...and in our lives. So I can't separate off one part of my life and say, "Well, that is just a means to an end; I just collect a pay check there. Maybe my family really matters, but my work doesn't matter." family does matter, my church does matter, my volunteering does matter, and my work matters. And I also can't compartmentalize and say only my work is where I'm really serving God, and then when I go home I can sort of not think about my vocation. I'm called to probably several different spheres of life in any given time in my life, and all of it has to be brought to God. We have to ask, "What am I making of the world here? Am I contributing to flourishing in what I'm doing with whatever level of choice and freedom I have? And am I finding ways to bear witness, not always explicitly, but clearly bear witness that there is a Lord of this world, and He has a name?" So every sphere of our life matters for that...very much including the work we do.