“How Can the Church Affirm Work? - Tod Bolsinger

Video / Produced by The High Calling

Recently, The High Calling had the opportunity to speak about leadership and inspiration with Tod Bolsinger, pastor, author, and leadership expert.

Transcript: I think the biggest mistake of the Church, at least for the last generation, hasn’t been a weekday versus Sunday “thing.” I actually think it’s been a kind of spiritual vs. a secular “thing.” We’ve tended to say the spiritual things are the things of the soul; they’re the things of relationships and prayer. We don’t think of the Spirit transforming creation, matter.

So, I think the mistake we make is we don’t preach the Kingdom enough. We don’t preach that Jesus is coming to reign and rule over all of creation. I often think when I talk about leadership, could a park ranger hear what I’m saying and see their work as an act of Christian leadership, stewardship of this part of creation. Can a parent? Can a business owner?

If we can bring every square inch under God’s reign and rule, then we’re participating in leadership and transformation. And, the Church has to preach that. It’s not just going to Heaven when we die. It’s Heaven and earth being transformed entirely by the work of the Spirit in and through the people of God, empowered by the Spirit, because Jesus is our Lord. That’s what we have to keep re-preaching and re-preaching and talking about over and over again.