“How Can a Mentor Help?” - Noah Riner

Video / Produced by The High Calling

When we talk about working for free, perhaps the first thing that comes to mind is the unpaid intern, working in order to (hopefully) learn and gain experience. However, in a healthy internship, the employer is also providing something of value, investing back in the intern through mentorship.

Noah brings up the great point that, especially for young professionals just starting out, having someone willing to invest their time and resources in mentorship is worth far more than what it might cost; there's no teacher like experience. Mentoring, especially when it is done for free, takes real effort, but it pays dividends in the lives of those who will follow you.

TRANSCRIPT: There are a lot people, at least for me, who have been in business before and who have asked the questions of, "How can I be a force for good here, a force that's going to bring joy to my co-workers, that's going to be a blessing to the community, that's going to be profitable for the company." A lot of people have worked through those issues before me, and I would love to just be aware of those kinds of examples and know what their life was like and know what kind of things they were able to accomplish and the questions they were to ask. Being able to have those good conversations with someone who's been down this path before and is trying to figure out what it means to live as a Christian, who wants to do well in their business and really expand their impact on their community. It sort of inspires you to say, "Okay, there is a great mission here in business. There is a great objective here beyond what you sort of here in the headlines of someone making a profit and that being all there is to the purpose of business."