“How Important Is It to Know Your Gifts?” Kimberly Renner

Video / Produced by The High Calling

None of us are perfect. That is pretty much a given. Part of our ability, not just to succeed in the workplace, but to live effectively as a community, depends on how well we can recognize our limitations.

We tend to do all that we can to conceal our weaknesses, to put our best foot forward, but doesn't that seriously hinder our ability to lean on one another? Isn't the beautiful thing about community that it can be more than the sum of its parts, that through it we can be not only more effective but more whole?

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TRANSCRIPT: God has given me particular skills. I have been given the gift of creativity. I'm a good business person; I'm a good manager. I can keep a lot of balls up in the air and manage the logistics. Those are the particular skill set that are applicable to my industry. And, with experience and maturity and trust, I've come to really feel like that's what God wants me to do. That's my calling is to rebuild these houses.

My gifting is not balancing the books, that's not my strong suit and, where I have done poorly at it and then suffered the consequences of it, the lesson was find somebody whose gift is bookkeeping. Whose real talent is being immersed in that minutia and keeping everything in order and making sure that the filing is done and the invoices are accounted for, and the spreadsheet is updated. Amy, in my office, is really talented with that. That's her gift. The wisdom God gives me is to rely on her for that, so that I can do my job better.