Vocation of staying put

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milkweed Lore is a Psalmist -- of laments in particular. I imagine her sitting with David, reading honest entries with him, understanding the weave of pain and hope as they await the kingdom of God together. Lore grabbed my attention in a recent lament about vocation. Her message is universal as all of us have dreamed of being in better jobs at better locations under better circumstances.
I page through the conference brochure we just got in the mail at work. It feels pretty. It looks pretty. It shouts names like Louie Giglio and Andy Stanley and Francis Chan. It has a cool cut out in the centerfold, a X marking the spot where you, I, all of us belong at this year's conference. I look over my monitor at my pretty co-worker and say (as I am expected to say after paging through such prettiness) "I want to go." Instead I open the InDesign project I'm working on and adjust character styles and justifications. Because I'm learning to reframe things.
Read more. Milkweed photo by Elizabeth O. Weller. Used with permission. Post by Sam Van Eman.