We Build Jet Engines

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GE aviation

To find people at work who are enthusiastic about what they do is inspiring. GE recently produced a series of videos, featuring their own employees, that connect the worker to the work to the vision of the company. In one video, at the GE Aviation Plant in Durham, NC, employees, one after another, repeat the core mission with eagerness, “we build jet engines.”

They talk about why they love their jobs. “To design and create the next great thing takes a lot of courage,” said one employee. “You wrap it up and send out the door, and you know that somewhere out there this machine you made is serving an even bigger purpose,” gushed another.

GE sent these plant employees to Boeing Field in Seattle, to watch the fruits of their labor lift off in a jet’s first flight. The video romanticizes building engines, and the cynic might want to see a companion video of all the employees who don’t like their job. But to see these people, loving what they are doing, makes me want to fly.

To watch the video, click here.